Speech of Chairman Prachanda at ICAPP Special Workshop on Democratic Transition in Nepal

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am extremely delighted to be amidst this gathering of wonderful people and to be a part of this important session. I, therefore, extend my sincere thanks to ICAPP as a organizer for inviting me to put across my views on the democratic transition in Nepal.

The very topic ‘ Democratic Transition in Nepal’ enthralled me as we are living witness to the great transition we are passing through at present. The transition we are going through is the history’s most important and crucial political phenomenon that has brought about epoch-making changes and transformation in the political history of Nepal. CPA & inclusive democracy are the fundamentals of the transition in Nepal.

Transition is always painful anywhere in the world as it marks the transformation from the older set of the state to the newer one. People often hesitate to embrace the transition as it does not always guarantee better change and brighter future.  This is the reason why people often tend to become status quoits. We are forward-looking, progressive and change-makers and we must accept the change and pursue for change through transition as there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.  Although painful, transition is something akin to the state of darkness in the process of having new rays of light.  It is said that light precedes every transition or it is the phase through which light is seen at the end of a tunnel, either  through a crack in the door or the flash of an idea. And thus it is the phenomenon that heralds a new beginning, new hope and better prospect. Transition on the surface appears to be simple and straight as it denotes the state from one set up to another. But given the political transition of Nepal, its trajectory is complex and complicated. If we look at our chequered history, Nepal has remained in perpetual transitions right from its beginning and we are still in the transition.

Now we are in the biggest transition of history as have embarked on a new journey—the journey from despair to hope. I am of the belief that the present transition we are passing through will be the last political transition which will herald a new era of peace, stability and prosperity.

In this process, we have established several benchmarks in our political history which have set the pace for our successful transformation into a politically inclusive, economically prosperous and socially equitable democracy. Our success will be judged on our ability to manage this transition to the best satisfaction of all. Time and tides never wait for a man and the people like us must keep pace with time and act in accordance with the call of hour. Nepal underwent a number of transitions in the past and each transition brought about a new change. In the final transition as we are in the process at present, we have been able to have a new constitution written by the people’s representatives. We have abolished feudal monarchy and established republican set up. We have now federal set up instead of the old unitary system of governance, although it is yet to be implemented. Nepal is now a secular state and an inclusive democracy with the guarantee of participation and representation of all people including hitherto oppressed, marginalized, exploited and secluded people. Although we must move ahead to achieve more, these achievements are definitely revolutionary, progressive and historic. We must institutionalize these achievements and enable people to fully enjoy these gains. Then only we can embark our new journey to achieve more.

These are the achievements we have gained with the joint struggle of people and parties. Stronger collective efforts of ours are needed to institutionalize and implement these achievements. Thus our journey does not end here and we keep on advancing to further empower people and make the people genuine masters of their own destiny. As we are passing through a protracted and painful transition, we have been confronted with many difficulties and hardship, which is natural in the phase of big political transformation.

I do not claim that I have solution to all the ills we are suffering. What I can at least tell you with certainty that hope, zeal and will are the pathway to transformation and prosperity. We politicians must generate that hope and zeal and I guarantee that we have that will, determination and commitment to do so and I will commit myself to do whatever I can for better transformation, brighter and safer future country and the people.
I thank you all